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Species selections (=editor configurations)





Species selections basically are sets of species.

Technically the terms "species selections" and "editor configurations" (or simply "configurations") are synonymic. For a detailed description what is stored in an editor configuration see ´Editor configurations´.

You may use configurations to

This window provides several operations on configurations:

  • STORE (save a (new) configuration)
  • EXTRACT (= unmark all, then mark the species stored in the selected configuration)
  • MARK/UNMARK/INVERT (mix currently marked species with those marked in configuration)
  • COMBINE (unmarks all that are not in configuration. This does an intersection between the currently marked species and those from the selected configuration)
  • DELETE (delete a configuration)
  • RENAME (rename a configuration)

Each configuration has a comment which may be changed by editing the 'Comment' textfield. The 'Clear' button will remove the comment in two steps:

  • first all dated log entries (1st click)
  • then the rest of the comment (2nd click)



The configuration window is as well available via the button that shows the number of marked species in the top area of the main arb window.

The number behind the species selections informs about the number of species stored in each.






Unfortunately we use the term 'configuration' for two things:

Please do not mix them up.

Also note that "Species selections" have nothing todo with the ´Selected species´.



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