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Last update on 12. Jan 2021 .
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Visualization of Sequence Associated Information (SAI) of Probe Match Results.


ARB_NT/Probes/Match Probes/Match SAI



This window aides Visualization of Sequence Associated Information (SAIs) of the Potential Probe Targets that were designed (PROBE DESIGN TOOL) and matched using PROBE MATCH TOOL.

Steps to be followed to VISUALIZE SAIs for the Potential Probe Targets:

  1. Select SAI to be visualized from the Select SAI Menu. (Properties/Select SAI)
  2. Define Desired Colors (COLOR 0 to COLOR 9) for the respective CHARACTERS / NUMBERS in the selected SAI to paint as background of the Probe Targets list. (Properties/Define Color Translations)
  3. Values or Characters contained in the SAIs selected can also be displayed below each Probe Targets by selecting the 'DISPLAY SAI' check box in 'Color Translation Table' window.
  4. Once the desired SAI is selected and the respective color translation is defined, the SAI is painted as the background of the probe targets in the defined color ranges with respect to SAIs.

One can change the COLOR RANGE by going to 'Properties/Set Colors and Fonts' menu.



Color Translation Definitions defined for various SAIs can be saved by clicking SAVE button in DEFINE COLOR TRANSLATION window. (Press STORE to save the definitions and press RESTORE to restore the saved definitions).

To save the Color Translation Definitions permanently Go to ARB_NT window and save PROPERTIES under PROPERTIES MENU.









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