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Editor configurations


ARB_EDIT4/File/... configuration



Editor configurations define

  • which species, groups and SAI will be shown inside the editor,
  • whether any of these is placed in the top area (always visible) or bottom area (scrollable) and
  • which groups are folded (in the editor).

Each configuration has a unique name and is part of the database, i.e. to save (changed) configurations, save your database.

Such configurations can be generated in three ways:

Using the first method gives you complete control over what exactly is stored in the configuration (see ´ARB_EDIT4 mode buttons´). The other two methods will

  • always add all SAIs associated with the selected alignment (and fold them as defined; see ´SAI Administration´)
  • always use the folding of the currently displayed tree

Description of configuration entries in ARB_EDIT4 "File" menu:

  • Save configuration
    Saves any changes made to the currently loaded configuration. Note that it does not make much sense to save the "default_configuration" as it may be overwritten when the editor is started next time.
  • Save configuration as ...
    Save the current state of the editor as named configuration for future editor restarts.
  • Load configuration
    Switches to a previously stored configuration.
    Similar to closing the editor and restarting it using a named configuration.
  • Reload configuration
    Reloads the loaded configuration (i.e. undos all configuration changes made since startup or last save of configuration)



"Editor configurations" and "Species selections" are synonyms!









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