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Last update on 30. Nov 2022 .
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Export to xfig


ARB_NT/Tree/Export tree to Xfig

ARB_SECEDIT/File/Export structure to XFIG



Exports a ONE page screenshot of the displayed tree to a file.

Select a file name from the 'Directories and Files' subwindow or type it to the 'File Name' subwindow.

Choose wanted magnification by zooming the tree/structure (physical zoom).

Choose clipping:

  • Export screen only (visible part only)
  • Export all / Export complete structure

Choose whether handles shall be printed (tree only). Handles are

  • boxes at marked/selected species
  • boxes at root of open groups

Choose whether to export colors or black/white only.

Click 'Export to Xfig' to export and to run xfig on the exported file.



The suffix shown or typed in the 'Suffix' subwindow is used as a filter for the displayed file names and is automatically appended to the file name in the 'File Name' subwindow.






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