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ARB_NT and ARB_PARSIMONY: <GROUP> button in the left column

F3 on the keyboard



A group is a subtree with a name assigned to its root node.

Collapsed groups are displayed as triangles (or rectangles in IRS tree; see ´SHOW IRS DENDROGRAM´).

The 'GROUP MODE' allows you to expand or collapse groups and to create, rename or destroy groups.

Click on the <GROUP> button of the 'ARB_NT' window or the 'F3' key on the keyboard to activate the 'GROUP MODE'. In the latter case, the cursor has to be placed within the tree display area.


To collapse a group, either click on the diamond shown at the root of the group, on the group bracket or its name.
To expand a group, click on the group triangle or its name.

Create a group:

Click on the root branch of the subtree which shall be grouped. Enter a group name when asked for.

Destroy / rename / keel-over groups:

Select group as described for 'collapse/expand' above, but use the right mouse button. Select the wanted action:
  • KeelOver: inverts the orientation of ´Keeled groups´
  • Rename: ask for new name and rename group
  • Destroy: destroys the groups



The lengths of the triangle sides reflect the longest and shortest overall branch lengths within the subtree.

To collapse/expand via keyboard, see ´Tree display keyboard reference´.

When changing a keeled into a unkeeled group using KeelOver, that group is moved to its parents position. Use ´MOVE MODE´ to move the group information if that position isn't appropriate in your case.









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